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Centre for Learning, Transformation & ​Healing ​


A sacred, safe & non-judgemental space, to transform and heal emotionally and spiritually in Belgrave, Victoria.  

Enliven the memory of wellness; experience prayerful meditation experiences;

become your own instrument for healing energy.




Aroma Harmonics has helped many people achieve lasting shifts in their lives. Suffering from stress and anxiety? Going through change, puberty, end of relationships, menopause? Recovering from a major illness & wish to stimulate the inner healing response in a holistic way? Need empowering to discover the sacred within? 

Mathlini-Rosze is a inner change facilitator with over 30 years experience as a practitioner & educator using her strong intuition, aromatherapy, sound healingreiki, oracle card readingscrystals & healing products to heal the physical & emotional wounds of your past & facilitate the discovery of your soul purpose, truth and beauty.

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"I really enjoyed the Aroma Energetics workshop and getting to know the essences.  Thank you for sharing your intimate knowledge about the essences and creating such a beautiful healing space.  I would highly recommend it to anyone, and would love for you to do another workshop

introducing us to more essences."   M. Wong, Melbourne


“I loved the Aroma Energetics workshop. It was packed full of interesting, useful and insightful information that I am integrating into my work with profound results. I feel that I have a deeper connection to the essential oils and myself. You are a gifted teacher whose passion and knowledge is inspiring. You created a beautiful nurturing space for us that was so healing. I look forward to future courses with you...”   Stacey Matters           Massage therapist

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